Your 4 legged friend


The relationship we have with our pets is valuable as with any human being. They play an integral role in our lives providing unconditional love and companionship. 



Here's my cheeky cat, Cosmic. She came into my home as a stray kitten and decided to adopt me. She knows she made the best decision ever that day.



Thanks to the Save a Dog scheme, I adopted Jake in 2008. He is an endearing soul and loyal companion who loves to cuddle and (of course) run around and sniff at the park.

Pet celebrations


Having a pet come into your life is a time of joy and celebration. A ceremony can mark the start of a new bond, welcome a new family member or simply pay tribute to your pet for being the lovable and loyal character they are.  Events can include pet welcomings, adoptions, anniversaries or any other occasion you choose.


Further information on pet services can be found HERE

Honouring your pet


Yes, I love my pets. They are as dear and close to me as any family member or friend. Growing up with animals, there of course have been those distraught times when they pass.


Pets come into our lives for many reasons. They are companions to those who live alone. They make valuable additiions to couple relationships. They are four legged family friends that teach children about respect, responsibility, affection, loyalty and lots of fun times.


At the sad time when a pet passes away - and in particular for children - a ceremony can help clarify the process of  life ending and how to cope with loss and grief. Being able to honour your pet's life through a funeral or memorial service can assist with closure and acceptance.


I will help you create a special ceremony to capture your pet's story and connection. I can also offer information on a range of local bereavement support services available to assist families, children and individuals in need.

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